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  • FORNAX - a new doorphone set

    FORNAX is a modern and original doorphone set for self-assembly in single-family houses. It is equipped with volume control and gate control. The FORNAX doorphone can be additionally equipped with an intercom function after the use of an additional uniphone.

  • New furniture socket with a cover!

    Modern network outlet with grounding and USB charger in a housing hidden in the top. It has an ultra-flat plug that makes it easy to connect to sockets located in hard-to-reach places, eg behind furniture. The device is designed for mounting in desks, countertops and tables. It has an additional cover to protect the socket.

  • Novelty in the offer - staircase fixtures!

    Beautiful staircase fixuteres are great in classic and traditional interiors of houses as well as in hotels or restaurants. The luminaire will make every staircase more attractive by providing lighting and an original look. Ideally suited wherever we want, so that the light does not dazzle but illuminates the road.