Motion and presence sensor, 360°, white

symbol: OR-CR-259/W

The main features

The motion sensor is designed for an automatic control of lighting or other electrical equipment. Triple system of sensors with detectors placed at a special angle provides control of the entire area. The device is suitable for use in large rooms, e.g.: warehouse halls, waiting rooms. The sensor is characterized by higher intelligence and greater accuracy, which allows detection of even the smallest movements. Potentiometers for regulation: lighting time and sensitivity of light intensity. The sensor collaborates with LED lighting.

Type of sensor:
Detection angle:
360 Grad
Adjustment of the light intensity (lux)
Adjustment of lighting time (time)
surface mounting

Technical specifications

General Information
Type of sensor: infrared
Detection angle: 360 Grad
The range of motion detection: Ø20m
Power supply: 230V~, 50Hz
Max. load : 2000W
Protection rating: IP65
Colour: white
Adjustment of the light intensity (lux): yes
Light intensity adjustment range (lux): <3—2000lux
Adjustment of lighting time (time): yes
Lighting time adjustment range (time) : min: 10 sec. ± 3 sec.; max: 30 min. ± 2 min.
Adjustment of the range of motion detection (sens): no
Installation: surface mounting
Dimensions (width x height x depth [mm]): 172,5 / 56 / 86,5

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