3-phase multi-tariff energy meter with RS-485, 80A

symbol: OR-WE-517

The main features

Device for making indications in kWh with the possibility of remote reading registers of indicators, via a wired network of RS-485 standard. A special electronic circuit, by the flow of current and applied voltage generates pulses in proportion to the energy consumed. Phase energy consumption is signaled by a flashing LED. The number of pulses is converted into energy input and its value is indicated on the LCD display (6 + 2). 4 independent tariffs (user can set different times via RS485 port). MID Certificate 0120/SGS0278.

Communication protocol:
Pulse frequency:
1000 imp/kWh
Compliance with mid certificate (2014/32/eu)
Pulse output

Technical specifications

General Information
Type: three-phase
Ports: RS485
Communication protocol: Modbus
Power supply: 3 x 230V/400V~, 50/60Hz
Base current (lb): 5A
Maximum current (lmax): 80A
Min. current: 0,25A
Pulse frequency: 1000 imp/kWh
Class of measurement accuracy: B
Compliance with mid certificate (2014/32/eu): yes
Display: 6+2
Pulse output: yes
Multi-tariff: yes
Number of modules: 4.5
Protection rating: IP51
Dimensions (width x height x depth [mm]): 72 / 100 / 66
Other features: IR optical port