1-phase energy meter, 100A

symbol: OR-WE-512

The main features

Device for making indications in kWh. A special electronic circuit, by the flow of current and applied voltage generates pulses in proportion to the energy consumed. Phase energy consumption is signaled by LED flashing. The number of pulses is converted into energy input and its value is indicated on the LCD display (5+1). MID Certificate 0120/SGS0277.

Pulse frequency:
1000 imp/kWh
Compliance with mid certificate (2014/32/eu)

Technical specifications

General Information
Type: single-phase
Ports: lack
Communication protocol: lack
Power supply: 230V~, 50Hz
Base current (lb): 5A
Maximum current (lmax): 100A
Min. current: 0,25A
Pulse frequency: 1000 imp/kWh
Class of measurement accuracy: B
Compliance with mid certificate (2014/32/eu): yes
Display: 5+1
Pulse output: no
Multi-tariff: no
Number of modules: 1
Protection rating: IP51
Dimensions (width x height x depth [mm]): 18,2 / 95,3 / 72

Files to download