Touch switch

symbol: OR-CR-245

The main features

Passive infrared sensor with an external probe (cable length about. 1,5m) Gives the possibility of connection to the door handles and housings made of conductive materials For indoor usage Collaborates with LED lighting Can be used in furniture kitchen or bathroom elements.

Type of sensor:
surface mounting

Technical specifications

General Information
Type of sensor: inductive
Detection angle: not applicable
The range of motion detection: not applicable
Power supply: 230V~, 50Hz
Max. load : 500W
Protection rating: IP20
Colour: white
Adjustment of the light intensity (lux): not applicable
Light intensity adjustment range (lux): not applicable
Adjustment of lighting time (time): not applicable
Lighting time adjustment range (time) : not applicable
Adjustment of the range of motion detection (sens): not applicable
Installation: surface mounting
Dimensions of the sensor (width x height x depth [mm]): 90 / 40 / 18