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NEW - peephole viewer with recording function

The newest and most technologically advanced door viewer is equipped with many new features. Among other things, it has an integrated bell with volume control, which allows you to choose one of 14 ringtones. Thanks to the motion sensor, the wide-angle camera automatically takes pictures or records video to a Micro SD card, and built-in infrared diodes allow you to see in the dark.

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ATTENTION!! Relocation - no order realisation

We would like to inform you that the long-awaited moment of moving to the new headquarters in Gliwice has finally arrived. At the moment, we are planning to launch the entire moving process from 22.09.2018 till 02.10.2018 and we will not be able to carry out any orders during this period! We kindly ask you to include the above break in your shopping plans, placing an order before 20.09.2018 or after 02.10.2018 We will keep you informed about the change of addresses and all details related to moving to the new headquarters.


Furniture sockets in new colours

Our well known flush-fitting furniture sockets (models: OR-AE-1336 and OR-AE-1337) are now available in 5 different colours: black, white, silver, graphite, gold and brass.

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International Energy Fair Energetab 2018

We are pleased to announce that our company will once again take part in the International Energy Fair in Bielsko Biała - ENERGETAB 2018, which will be held on September 11-13. We believe that presented products will satisfy the wide range of visitors, who have been visiting our stand for many years. We cordially invite you: Hall N, stand 16.

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New, wired DIN rail doorbell

A practical, wired doorbell designed for mounting in a current distribution board on a DIN rail. A great way to have a discreet ringtone during guests’ visit.

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New - set of wire crimps with wire stripper

A practical set of insulated wire crimps for clamping on multi-wire cables. They improve the quality of the contact and make it easier to connect wires with strips and terminals of devices equipped with stirrup bolts. A perfect set for hobby works as well as for professional repairs of electrical devices.

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VEGA LED in a new version

Well-known LED lighting fixtures, designed for illumination of rooms such as: staircases, corridors, basements, or utility rooms. They’re equipped with SMD LEDs which guarantee high energy efficiency and long life of the fixture. Simple installation ensures convenience in use.

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NEW - SEMIS MEMO videodoorphone

A modern, wireless videodoorphone with a 2.4˝ color LCD display and an internal memory module of the handset. Equipped with super bright LEDs that enable night vision. High quality and a wide range of additional functions make the use of the set a real pleasure.

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New furniture socket

Specially designed socket, intended for mounting in desk tops and tables. It has a lockable panel with regular and network sockets, USB charger and a slot finished with a dust brush.

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New - a battery-operated workshop lamp

Portable LED workshop lamp with built-in lithium-ion battery, designed for lighting outdoor work. Practical solutions applied ensure comfort of use.

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