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New motion sensors

Modern sensors used to control lighting or other electrical devices. They have the ability to adjust the lighting time and sensitivity of light intensity. They cooperate with LED lighting. In addition, the OR-CR-257 sensor is characterized by higher intelligence and greater accuracy, which enables the detection of even the smallest movements.

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NEW - single socket with two USB chargers

Practical socket 2P+Z with additional USB charger ports, which- after connecting the appropriate USB cable - allows you to charge most of the phones, tablets and mobile devices available on the market, including iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc. An additional advantage of the socket is that it is mounted in a standard junction box.

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Set of wireless sockets with remote control and timer function

Intelligent device designed for wireless ON and OFF switching of electrical devices such as lamps, TV, fans, air conditioners, etc. Device control is carried out using a remote control with the function of clock and timer.

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Merry Christmas!

In an anticipation of the upcoming Christmas and New Year, we are full of hope for what the future holds. We would like to thank you warmly for your cooperation, and wish you further successes, lucrative investments and prosperity in the upcoming New Year. Management and Employees of ORNO POLSKA


Information! Orders in the coming days

Dear Sir or Madam,
Due to Christmas time our company will be closed from 21.12.2018 till 02.01.2019. All of the orders placed after 19.12.2019 will be handled after 02.01.2019.


NEW - wireless, touch switch with remote control

A modern, crystal light switch, controlled manually or wirelessly using a remote control. Installation in a standard junction box ensures the convenience of installation, and the timeless design ensures adaptation to any interior.

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New single family videodoorphone CERES 7"

A unique videodoorphone set with a touch panel and backlit buttons. Surface mounting with a protective cover in the set provides protection against external factors. Infrared illumination allows viewing at night, and the numeric keypad allows you to open the lock with a code.

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NEW - two way garden socket

A modern garden socket equipped with a practical arrowhead for quick installation on the majority of surfaces. It has two sockets with extremely useful hinged covers, protecting sockets against external factors. Perfect for gardening or camping.

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New under-cabinet sockets

Modern and practical furniture sockets that are ideal for mounting in cabinets, display cases and display cabinets. Thanks to the additional USB ports and the switch (selected models), they simplify work in the kitchen and office, multiplying the number of desired sockets. A timeless design will make it fit into any interior.

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NEW - NORTES LED mirror light

LED lamp for lighting mirrors, paintings and other items that we would like to display. Its shape ensures even lighting, and a high degree of protection protects the device against the harmful effects of dust and moisture. Designed in accordance with the latest trends, it combines the simplicity of form and modern functionality.

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