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Novelty – motion sensor 180°/360°

A modern sensor with two separate motion detectors, with viewing angle: 360° and 180° horizontally. It works perfectly both outdoors and indoors, in a professional and reliable way.

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NEW - LED bulb SAHIL with microwave sensor

Modern LED light source in the shape of a bulb with a built-in microwave motion sensor, equipped with SMD LEDs. It switches the light source on after motion detection in the detection area at a reduced light intensity <20 lux and switches it off when motion is no longer detected. The fitting does not require installation, it has a standard E27 bulb thread, which can be screwed into most of the luminaires available on the market.

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New single family videodoorphone AMMO

Unique videodoorphone with an ultra-flat 4.3” LCD screen. The backlit place for name is operated by means of a twilight sensor, and the infrared illumination enables night vision. It is also equipped with gate control and 10 ringtones to choose from.

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Dear Sir or Madam,
Please be advised that on March 18, 2019 the factory price list for our products will change.
The new price list will be available at after logging into the Customer Zone.
In addition, we would like to inform you that orders placed until March 17, 2019 for products that we have available in stock will be processed according to the old prices.


New in the section of electrical system accessories

Extremely practical sets of insulated cord and terminals, heat shrinkable tubing and hermetic cable box that will work perfectly on any construction site, in the garage, and at home during repair work. They provide greater security, longer connection life and longer cable life.

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New single family videodoorphone DICO 7"

The unique videodoorphone set with a touch-sensitive monitor panel and backlit buttons. The possibility of adjusting the parameters of the monitor and 14 ringtones to choose from means that we can best adapt the device to our needs. The protective rain cover included. The illuminated place for the name or the lighting of the numeric keypad allows for comfort of use at night and in adverse weather conditions. In addition, the numeric keypad allows you to enter the lock opening time settings and change the opening code.

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NEW - LED lighting fixture NYK LED

Practical lighting fixtures designed to illuminate rooms such as: staircases, corridors, warehouses, basements, garages, utility rooms, locker rooms, etc. They are equipped with SMD LEDs which guarantees high energy efficiency and long life of the fixtures. The unique shape ensures adaptation to any interior, and the high quality of performance proves the safety of use.

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New motion sensors

Modern sensors used to control lighting or other electrical devices. They have the ability to adjust the lighting time and sensitivity of light intensity. They cooperate with LED lighting. In addition, the OR-CR-257 sensor is characterized by higher intelligence and greater accuracy, which enables the detection of even the smallest movements.

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NEW - single socket with two USB chargers

Practical socket 2P+Z with additional USB charger ports, which- after connecting the appropriate USB cable - allows you to charge most of the phones, tablets and mobile devices available on the market, including iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc. An additional advantage of the socket is that it is mounted in a standard junction box.

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Set of wireless sockets with remote control and timer function

Intelligent device designed for wireless ON and OFF switching of electrical devices such as lamps, TV, fans, air conditioners, etc. Device control is carried out using a remote control with the function of clock and timer.

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