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  • New - OR-CR-211 motion sensor with 12V-24VDC power supply

    Taking into consideration the needs of our customers, we have introduced to the offer the well-known and well-liked motion sensor OR-CR-211 also in the 12V-24VDC power supply version.

  • Innovation in holiday decorations - garden 3D laser projector!

    The SANTA laser projector is an alternative to the traditional Christmas lighting - it's the fastest and easiest way to decorate your home! From today, the end of labor-intensive home decorating in the traditional way, now you will get the effect in a few minutes, saving time and work. This practical device will display thousands of green, red or green and red moving lights on the facade of the building, sculptures as well as in the room.

  • DUX - new videodoorphone

    DUX is a modern and original, colorful videodoorphone for self-assembly. It has a color LCD screen 4,3" high-resolution images, smooth adjustment the parameters of the monitor and adjust the volume, as well as lighting LEDs enable night vision. Additionally, it has the ability to control the gate.